4 Things To Consider When Getting Custom Hearing Protection

A hearing conservation program is essential for many industries and workplaces where loud noises can impair or damage the hearing of employees. To protect their health and well-being, employers must provide them with hearing protection, either in the form of earmuffs, earplugs or custom-molded earplugs. However, there are a few things an employer must know when it comes to selecting hearing protection for their employees. 

1. It Must Follow CSA Standards 

The Canadian Standard Association (CSA) refers to Standard Z94.2-14 “Hearing Protection Devices – Performance, Selection, Care and Use” for all hearing protection when applied to a hearing conservation program. These standards breakdown the essential components of obtaining earplugs for employees, including the performance and testing requirements for the devices, the care, and the quality of the hearing protection. You cannot get earplugs for your employees if they do not follow the CSA Standards. 

2. The Quality of Product

There is a range of different custom earplugs available in the market. Unfortunately, that means there is a lot of diversity in quality. For the health and well-being of your employees, you always have to research the quality of the earplugs. Consider what they are made of, how the company makes it, and how customized they are. You have to get earplugs that will guarantee employees protection and remain effective while working. Quality is pivotal for your employees. 


3. Comfortability & Fit 

Being comfortable at work is an essential factor for employees, especially in heavy-duty and loud work environments. It is, therefore, imperative that you provide your employees with custom hearing protection that fit correctly (reducing any potential slip-offs) and are comfortable (so they can work in peace). Custom earplugs are the ideal solution as they provide employees with an earplug that is specifically designed for their ears. 

4. Warranty & Product Guarantee

Guarantees and warranties are pivotal for any workplace hearing protection. Make sure as an employer, consider how many years the product can last, the length of the warranty, what coverage you get if you need repairs, and how to claim a warranty. This way, you can ensure that your money is used wisely and your employees get the best protection possible. 

By considering these four aspects when choosing earplugs, you will be making your life easier, as well as ensuring that you remove any concerns when it comes to protecting your employees’ hearing.

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