The Cost Effectiveness of Hearing Conservation Programs

Some companies prefer to approach their safety programs with reluctance and begrudging acceptance rather than with zeal, curiosity and excitement. These companies often struggle to see the value behind safety programs like PPE policies and hearing conservation programs. However, the reality is that these programs—when properly implemented—are extremely cost effective for all parties involved.

More evidence is coming out showing how properly implemented safety programs reduce the time it takes people to do their job and significantly reduces the likelihood of work-related accidents and the medical, insurance and operating costs associated with them. Below, we look at these and other reasons why hearing conservation programs and safety culture, in general, are more cost-effective than the alternative.

How Hearing Conservation Programs Save You Money


Reducing the Likelihood of Hearing Loss

We begin with perhaps the most obvious benefit of safety and hearing conservation programs, which is the reduction of work-related accidents. With custom hearing plugs and properly designated “loud” areas, most employees will be at substantially less risk of hearing loss. The same is true for engineered controls on process equipment, like selecting less noisy equipment or adding barriers to reduce noise travel. 

Improving Efficiency

One of the most common gripes we hear is that “safety takes time that I don’t have” or something along those lines. However, the first step in developing a safety program—in Alberta, at least—is creating a job inventory to develop hazards assessments from. Can you think of a better way to itemize the duties that each employee performs in the run of their day? 

But why is having an itemized list of tasks relevant to efficiency? Because it gives you the ability to focus on a particular area, identify problems or process improvements, implement them and monitor their success. This is one of the most powerful tools available to employers. 

Let’s take a look at a brief example. Your workplace has a bench grinder, which is used once or twice a day by all your employees. You know that it requires hearing protection during use because of the manufacturer’s instructions, and you just can’t understand why none of your employees are willing to wear them. In examining the hearing conservation program, you realize that you’ve put the disposable ear plugs at the far end of the shop, making remembering or using them a struggle. Putting them above the bench grinder almost immediately removes the problem. 

Increasing Employee Retention & Job Outcomes

Labour is the highest cost to most businesses, and turnover rate only confounds that issue in companies that require skilled workers. The catch-22 of this reality is that skilled workers are almost always in demand, making retention a serious concern for these same businesses. Luckily, studies have shown that safety programs actually increase employee retention.

The reason this works is that safety programs show a clear commitment from employers to their employees. Plus, they create avenues for feedback and improvement on both sides of the fence through morning meetings, regular training and other communication platforms. 

Learn How Hearing Conservation Programs Can Save You Money Today

We make it easy to implement hearing conservation programs that work for the needs of your business, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 

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