What Can You Expect During An Audiometric Test

As an employer, it is expected that you have a hearing conservation program in place to protect your employees and remain compliant with Worksafe standards. As part of your program, your workers should undergo an audiometric test, which determines their hearing levels. 

But what should your employees expect when it comes to undertaking this test? Get your workers to read this, so they know what the test involves.

What Your Employees Should Expect From An Audiometric Test 

A Discussion About Your Medical & Hearing History

Whenever you meet a new medical professional, you’ll have to discuss your medical history. The same happens when you meet your qualified audiometric technician; they’ve going to have to know everything about your medical history. You’ll be given a questionnaire where you’ll have to provide information that includes injuries (such as to your head or neck), any current medication, and most significantly if you had or have any current hearing issues.

The Audiometric Test 

The audiometric test is more simple than most employees expect. You won’t experience a long-overdue exam as the whole process takes 10 to 15 minutes. Here is what you can expect from the test:

  • You will wear a pair of earphones for the duration of the test and will be seated in a CSA approved sound booth 
  • The technician will then intermittently play a series of beeps and audible tones at different volumes and frequencies
  • If you hear a tone, you will click a responder button. If you don’t hear anything, you don’t press anything
  • The tones and beeps will either get louder or quieter depending on the severity of your responses

The efficiency of the testing process means employees will be examined quickly, so there will be no delays in operations. The reports from the test will be kept for record-keeping. 


Expect Follow-Up Guidance (For Both Employees & Employers) 

For employees, as this test is a screening tool, you will not be diagnosed if you have any conditions. If there are concerns about your hearing, you will be referred to a professional who will conduct further tests if necessary. The audiometric technicians will be more than happy to explain the importance of hearing protection (such as getting custom earplugs) and the effects of hearing loss from noise, but they cannot diagnose you medically.

For employers, the results from the audiometric test, and other sound assessments, will quantify the effectiveness of the hearing conservation program that is currently in place. Changes might, or might not, be implemented for the program to ensure that it complies with Worksafe standards and to prevent employees suffering from noise-induced hearing loss.

Schedule An Appointment With Mobile Hearing Testing

As an employer, you must take action and protect the health and hearing of your employees. With mobile hearing testing available, book an appointment time that suits you. Your operations won’t stop due to the testing, and you will guarantee that the future health and safety of your employees are secure. 

Rocky Mountain Mobile Hearing Testing is your locally owned and operated Calgary business. We are committed to providing mobile hearing testing services and other safety tests, to numerous industries and companies in Western Canada. Our services are part of the WorkSafeBC Provider Network, while our sound booths are approved by the CSA. We offer audiometry testing, mask fit testing, custom earplugs, noise measurements, help with implementing a hearing conservation program, and spirometry testing. If you want to improve your workplace, leave it in the hands of our team. Contact us today on (403) 399-4775.    

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