Above What Decibel Level Should I Wear Hearing Protection?

Hearing protection and hearing testing are about much more than personal protective equipment (PPE) and good recordkeeping. These are legislative requirements set forth by provincial and territorial governments across Canada. They are also designed to protect employees and employers from hearing loss, damage and other issues.

The regulatory restrictions set forth by these governing bodies are informed by research and study of those who have suffered hearing loss related to their work. They look at the nominal noise levels at most workplaces and set standards for addressing businesses and locations where those noise levels are exceeded on a regular or repeated basis. Below, we look at what this legislation contains, as well as how to implement a hearing conservation program at your company.

The Decibel Level and Hearing Testing Requirements

The decibel level above which you should wear hearing protection is 85 dBA Lex. This is set out by the Occupational Health & Safety Code, though many safety organizations and regulators set the same cutoff limit. Section 217(1) of the code gives this direction and specifies the conditions where it does not apply. 

How to Determine the Noise Levels at Your Workplace

The part of the OHS code that deals with noise exposure is Part 16, and it describes all the requirements surrounding noise exposure in Albertan workplaces. Where it concerns hearing testing and noise exposure assessments, the legislation states that an employer must complete a noise exposure assessment if their workers are or may be exposed to noise exceeding the 85 dBA Lex limit set out above.

Noise Exposure Assessments, Hearing Testing & More

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